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All classes focus on strengthening, lengthening and sculpting your body. We use a combination of high repetition exercises to increase muscle strength and endurance, with low impact movements to improve balance and alignment. Be warned – because they are low impact doesn’t mean you won’t be sweating or feeling the burn.
The class categories are: Full Body, Upper Body, Core, Lower Body, Cardio and Stretch.

Full Body

An extensive full body workout to strengthen your body, lean out your muscles and clear your mind. There are two levels in the Full Body category: Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1

Full Body classes suitable for every body. Perfect for beginners. A feel good class that will challenge you, but not overwork you.

Level 2

Full Body classes suitable for those with Pilates experience or looking for a challenge. Expect to get out of your comfort zone.

Upper Body

Classes to open your chest, strengthen your upper back, de fine your shoulders and lean out your arms.


Strengthen your core to improve daily functions, stability, mobility and overall athletic performance.

Lower Body

Glutes and legs focused classes that will tone your legs and shape your bum.


These intense classes will increase your heart rate and bring on a sweat. A perfect complement to our Pilates classes. Assists in fat burning, improves cardiovascular health and reduces fatigue.


Dedicated to stretching out your muscles for improved flexibility. These classes will calm your mind and leave you feeling centred, elongated and relaxed.