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What does my membership include? It includes access to our full library of classes for all levels of experience. New classes added regularly. Sessions vary from 10-45 minutes and class categories are; Full Body - Level 1, Full Body - Level 2, Upper Body, Core, Lower Body, Cardio and Stretch. 
I am a beginner and have never done Pilates before. Are your classes suitable for me? Absolutely, Pilates with Amelia is suitable for beginners. We have Beginner Basics and Full Body Level 1 classes to introduce you to Pilates. Take modifications offered to you and always listen to your body, you are in control. 
Do I need equipment for classes? All our classes can be completed with no equipment. They are designed so that you can do them whenever and wherever you are. To intensify your workouts, you can use light dumbbells, ankle weights or resistance bands if you have them.
I'm pregnant, is Pilates with Amelia suitable for me? At this time, PWA isn’t suitable for pregnancy. We are working on pre/ postnatal classes, watch this space. 
Can I access PWA outside of Australia? If you have internet access, our classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world! All amounts are charged in Australian Dollars.
When can I cancel my membership? You can cancel at anytime. Go to My Account, Manage Memberships to cancel. You will not be billed for the next subscription period.
Can I put my membership on hold? After your agreed sign up period has been met, you can pause your membership for up to 3 months by emailing us on
Can I get a refund? We are unable to offer refunds. Please email us if you wish to discuss your subscription.